1 Year of Dating – 13 Fun

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1 Year of Dating – 13 FunFor those of you that haven’t been following my previous posts (first one found here) I have created 24 preplanned dates for the year. So my husband and I will have one at home date and one date where we go out. I have wrapped 24 items that will offer a hint of what the date will consist of; some that may be used during our dates and some that simply solely act as clues. We’re now in the month of July, and for this at home date, I planned a night filled with laughter.

During our bookstore date we purchased a madlibs book, so we played a few games from that book; but I decided to make my own naughtier version of madlibs. It was supposed to be fun, yet sexy and seductive; but it wasn’t sexy at all. In fact, it made us laugh harder than anything else the rest of the night; which I guess was the initial goal anyhow. After that, we played a game of pictionary. I recently got an overhead projector from my Aunt’s work. Seems they are outdated and the bank she works for was planing on throwing it out, when she called and asked me if I wanted it and about 200 pages of the translucent paper. Obviously, I couldn’t refuse an offer like that; so I went a picked it up free of charge. The game of pictionary that we played was very similar to the one you can purchase, except my husband and I both wrote down as many sexy words and phrases we could think of, we ended up coming up with about 75 each, so there was no way we could remember them all. We changed the rules, if he guessed what the picture was correctly, he’d keep his clothes on, if he guess incorrectly, he’d have to take an article of clothing off. The winner at the end of the game was the person with the most clothes on; and we agreed upon a pretty good incentive to want to win. I’m a better artist than my husband, so I lost, but the end result was sex, so either way, it truly was a win win; though, I gave it my best shot. The hint for this date was a 3 pack of cards that I bought at the store which contained Go fish, Old Maid, and Rummy. We love playing games like that, they are always so much fun.

For dinner, we ate from my husband’s favorite fast food restaurant, Five Guys Burgers and Fries. They don’t deliver, so I called in the order and he went and picked it up, came back home and we ate dinner and watched a Rodney Carrington Comedy DVD. Eating in the living room is a huge deal for us, as we always eat at the table as a family with no TV, no phones and no distractions. So it was out own little rule breaking treat with one of our favorite comediennes and our favorite foods!

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