1 Year of Dating – 15 First Friday

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1 year of dating - 15 first fridayMoving forward with the month of August, things have started to cool down a bit after sun has set, sometimes you’ll even get lucky enough to get a cool evening breeze. Which is why when I was preplanning our 24 dates, 2 dates per month, I absolutely knew August would be the perfect month for our First Friday date. The city we live in offers a one day per month art celebration on the first Friday of every month. They offer art from various artists, handmade jewelry, food, shop venues in the area open their doors, plays, and so much more.

This is something my husband and I have never done; I’m not sure why, it’s always sounded like so much fun, life just gets in the way sometimes. Which is why I planned 24 dates for this year. I realized that before I started these dates, my husband and I fell into a routine. We put our jobs, our children and our bills in front of our relationship; we never made time for us. We did do things together as a family, but we weren’t focusing on our relationship enough with things like alone time with undivided attention or date nights. Being at First Friday was so refreshing, we found so many things the kids would enjoy, but it was nice for to just be me and my husband, hand in hand enjoying the art, people watching (yes, we’re guilty of it), trying new foods and just walking around; even ran into a few friends. I usually have a bad habit of inviting people to join us, it comes out of my mouth before I even realize what I have done and, unfortunately, without consulting my husband (he’s usually a good sport about it though). Believe it or not, I bit my tongue, we talked for a moment or two, and we said our goodbyes, planned to have them over for dinner the following week and we went on with our date.

While I was planning this date, a friend of mine took me down to first Friday, where I did not participate in any activity, since I wanted my first real experience to be with my husband. I went into each shop looking for brochures or business cards and then I went around to each vendor looking for samples, business cards, or brochures. I knew that some of them may not be around 8 months later, but it didn’t matter. When my husband opened this gift we sat and looked through everything that I gathered and planned what we wanted to see first and what questions to ask. Again, as mentioned here, we’re not artists by any means, but we wanted to be to participate in as many festivities as we possibly could, especially since my husband and I are mostly introverts. It worked out, we had a blast and made some new friends while we were there. Definitely want to come with the kids, but I was happy to experience it just the two of us.

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