1 Year of Dating – 6 Paint / Canvas / Crinkled paper

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1 Year of Dating – 6For those of you that haven’t been following my previous posts (first one found here) I have created 24 preplanned dates for the year. So my husband and I will have one at home date and one date where we go out. I have wrapped 24 items that will offer a hint of what the date will consist of; some that may be used during our dates and some that simply solely act as clues. We’ve already covered January and February. We’re moving on now to the month of March, we’ve done the date night out and now for the date night in, I wanted to stay with the same art feel. In my previous article, I explain the canvas painting class my husband and I went to, so I figured we’d inspire ourselves and be a little craft for the evening.

I bought at both 11X14 canvases for the hint from Michaels, they were on sale, buy one get one, and I had a 25% off all items including sale items. So I got them for dirt cheap. I also found a couple different ideas for beginner painters; we are by no means professionals. I decided I would provide two options; the first would be with a protractor and ruler making abstract art with circles, squares and rectangles. The second would be with tissue paper crinkled, then painted and you would use a pastel crayon lightly over the top of the crinkled paper for dimension.  My husband chose to do the circles and squares, so I chose the other option and used the tissue paper and pastels. I bought little embellishments to add to our art, though my husband wanted a more mescaline feel, so he didn’t use any. I set up a divider between us at the kitchen table so neither of us could see what the other was doing; I wanted it to be a complete surprise. The canvases turned out very nicely, and we had a blast doing it. He really has been such a good sport about all of the dates I have preplanned, up for anything.

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