1 Year of Dating – 2 Contemporary Arts Center

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1 Year of Dating – 2As mentioned in my previous article,here, I preplanned 24 dates, 2 dates per month, wrapped 24 hints and put them in a box and gave it to my husband for Christmas. Each hint was either something I purchased or something I made. Either way they were all something to keep him guessing or something we could actually use during the date. We have two children, and for us, dating isn’t always our top priority and it shouldn’t be, but it should be in the top 5. So, no excuses, no rescheduling, we are going on 2 dates per month; one out and one home.

For the second date in January, I planned to go to a Contemporary Arts Center here. The Arts center is a small gallery of varied art work. My husband and I aren’t art-fanatics, but I thought it would be cool to go see all the art and make time to talk about each piece. Then I had the idea to take a photo of each piece of art we saw, jot down the gist of what each of us said about each of the pieces displayed and we would discuss it again later at dinner. The gallery was smaller than I anticipated and we were done within an hour; never the less, we had a blast. It was very neat to see our different perspectives on the different pieces.

Next, we went to a Mexican restaurant that had amazing reviews on yelp. It was right down the street and wasn’t terribly expensive. We were served complimentary chips and salsa while we waited for our meal. We pulled up the photos we had taken from the gallery, grabbed out notes, and reviewed each piece. We were surprised to find that with a second look later in the evening we noted some new ideas, new thoughts, and different perspectives on some of the pieces; I was very pleased that we decided to do this. The hint for this date was a piece of modeling clay, I got it for a dollar at Walmart, and a clay sculpting tool, I had this already. After our meal, while we waited for dessert, we both sculpted something from the night. I made a cute rendition of a painting and my husband made me. It made us both laugh, but to be fair, I did say “sculpt your favorite thing of the night”.

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