1 Year of Dating – 9 Campout

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1 Year of Dating – 9 CampoutFor those of you that haven’t been following my previous posts (first one found here) I have created 24 preplanned dates for the year. So my husband and I will have one at home date and one date where we go out. I have wrapped 24 items that will offer a hint of what the date will consist of; some that may be used during our dates and some that simply solely act as clues. Moving on to May, It’s still a bit cold outside, so we decided to have a living room camp out.

We don’t have any tents, so my initial idea was to buy some, but they aren’t cheap. So, we decided that a fort would work just as well, and we were right! We grabbed all six of our counter height kitchen table chairs and a few sheet and set up our mansion of a fort; the inner 6 year old in me was quite impressed. I grabbed some white Christmas lights from our Holiday box in the garage and set those up hanging inside the fort for some romantic lighting. I also bought some of those glow in the dark stars and attached them up and down the legs and backs of the chairs holding the blankets for our fort to give the outside starry look. I grabbed 4 sleeping bags for padding, brought in some pillows and our bedrest lounger pillows. I downloaded some nature music with crickets and such to play as background noise to really set the scene. Aside from the laptop playing the nature sounds, we had no electronics. Our cell phones were left on in case of any kind of emergency as the kids were staying at grandmas, but we were not to answer other friends or family’s calls or texts, no facebook etc. We did agree to take some pictures to show the kids and gloat to our friends about out amazing date in.

For dinner I wanted to stick to finger foods, things that you would really eat while you were camping, so we made pulled pork sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls (my favorite); granted, we did make them in the crockpot, but it was a necessary sacrifice to our “outdoor plan” because they turned out amazingly. We had chips and trailmix and I got each of us a canteen from the sporting goods store down the street. For entertainment, we played a few card games like crazy, a card game that my family made up generations and generations ago and we even plated go fish, I think truthfully we were just missing our children. We have a small firepit in our backyard so we decided to light a fire and make smores. We bought out our camping chairs, though they weren’t as comfortable as our patio chairs, we figured we already compromised on the crokpot deal, we shouldn’t give in with the patio chairs. To end our perfect night, we read from the book we purchased on our bookstore date.

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