Sex Games: Part 12 – Hot and Cold

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You don't have to have daily sex to have daily sexualityHot and cold is game all about sensory. This game should be played after dinner, and considered a “dessert”. Only one person at a time can perform with hot and cold food items. If you are the one to start, once you have finished, it’s your partners turn. It’s best to grab blankets or towels to lay down to avoid a huge clean up afterward.

To start, select a few different foods, we usually recommend no more than 3-4 different types, 2 hot and 2 cold. Please make sure that the foods are not too hot, warm is best, so that you do not burn your partner. Recommended cold items are ice cream, sorbet, whipped cream straight from the refrigerator and/or a cold drink of your choice; for warm, we recommend heated honey, melted chocolate,and/or heated maple syrup. Ideally, you’ll want to choose something you enjoy and something similar to a liquid substance or something that will melt to a liquid.

Take your spouse somewhere private, use of a blindfold is highly recommended to enhance their other senses. You’ll want to start with the cold food items. It is important to keep the cold items in your mouth and perform slowly. You want this to be sensual not shocking with a dollop of freezing cold ice cream dumped on their chest; warm is sexy, cold is not. When your partner can feel the warmth of your breath mixed with your cold tongue or lips, the sensation can be mind-blowing.

Next, switch to something warm. Start by pouring the warm liquid on your partner and then begin sucking and licking it off. You’ll want to switch to something cold and then, if you are able, end with something warm. Switching back and forth between warm and cold and the mix of different textures, creates such a sensual feeling. This feeling, more often than not, causes your partner to reach orgasm more quickly. It’s pretty common that your partner may not be able to last through all the different food you have chosen, this is why only 3-4 food choices are recommended.

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