Sex Games: Part 30 – Look-a-Like

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Sex Games: 30As mentioned here everyone has fantasies, something they wish would happen during sex or maybe even someone they’ve thought about being with. This doesn’t make you a bad person and doesn’t mean you’d even consider cheating on your spouse. It simply means you are human and the possibility of being with a new person may excite you, especially after a few years of marriage.

In this game part of your fantasy can be a reality. You can ask your spouse to be anything you’d like her to be, a nurse, a maid, a hooker, a school girl, a teacher, your boss, your employee, etc. The possibilities are endless. If you are able to find a costume of the person you are requesting, purchase it. A good place to start is locally, at an adult store. Usually, adult stores will have everything needed to complete ‘the look’. Otherwise, you can try to piece together your own outfit from various stores. Lastly, check though you’ll have to wait to play this game until your item has been delivered, so make sure to order it in advanced.

So your spouse will not only dress the part, but act the part as well. Let’s say for example, she is your employee, she’s got to be willing to do almost anything to save her job; the job that is recently in jeopardy as she just got divorced and has fallen on hard times. She can’t afford to lose this job with benefits and a great salary. It’s up to both of you to decide who makes up the back story, however, it is usually better that you allow the actor to make that decision. We have found it’s easier for the actor to get into character when she or/he has come up with the backstory; you could also try coming up with one together.

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