Sex Games: Part 8 – Mirror Me

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Sex Games: Part 8 - Mirror MeYou and your spouse should have a pretty good idea of what the other likes in the bedroom; which buttons to push, how to get him or her in the mood, what they like and dislike, etc. As we try new things with our partner, or possibly discover through the other various games mentioned in previous articles (found here), we find new things that work for us. What we like is always changing and the same applies to the bedroom.

It’s important for you to share with spouse if what you like has changed or if you want to add something to your sex life. Sometimes, that can be an awkward conversation and you do not want them to feel as though they are doing something wrong. The best thing you can do is show your spouse what you want; this can be easily done with a game called Mirror Me.

In this game, you will try new things, show him what you want and learn what he likes; your partner must mimic that action. For example, if you like light nibbles on the neck, that may be the first thing you try on your partner. It is recommended that you stick with things you know that you like to start with. It will make the entire experience more lax and comfortable for you both. It can be intimidating to sit naked in front of your spouse willing them to touch you, and showing them what you want. Starting with what is comfortable will help to diminish those feelings of shyness. You can venture out when you become more comfortable, as this process will begin to feel so very natural.

Mirror Me

This is a fun and clever way to show your partner what turns you on. You also have the opportunity to learn more about what gets them going.

  1. Both of you should strip down and sit or stand facing each other on the bed.
  2. Touch, kiss, and lick different areas of your partner’s body
  3. Your partner should simultaneously touch, kiss and lick you in the exact same way.
  4. The goal is to try to mirror your movements as closely as possible

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