The Sounds of Sex – Exploring Auditory Stimulation

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Sometimes nothing turns on both men and women more than sexual moaningWhen it comes to improving sex, we tend to focus a lot on visual and physical stimulation. But let’s not neglect one of our other strongest senses: hearing. We’ve already written a great post on how good music can be crucial for setting a sexy mood. But there’s another important face to auditory stimulation, and that’s the sounds humans make.

Panda bears are famous for their dangerously low sex drives. I once heard that at a certain zoo, playing recorded sounds of other pandas having sex was all it took to wake up the desires of the resident pandas. Now I’m not advocating that humans should follow this practice, as I believe that sex is a very private thing, but this story does illustrate how important the sounds we make during sex can be in stimulating our spouses.

Here’s a fun exercise: next time you have sex, exaggerate your oohs, ahs, and moans. Go to town by shouting each other’s names and having screaming orgasms (even if you don’t actually achieve orgasms). Seriously, don’t hold back. Whether or not you’re entirely faking it, the bigger the better! Afterwards (or during), talk about the sounds you made and what you liked or didn’t like. I’ll bet you’ll both like what the other was doing … a lot. There’s nothing dishonest about moaning a little more (or a lot more) than we naturally do, just as there’s nothing dishonest about improving our visual appeal with lingerie or our physical contact with lubrication. Find out what each other enjoy for en enhanced auditory pleasure and make a habit of treating each other.

Even it it starts out fake, the more you make the sounds each other wants to hear, the more you’ll turn each other on, and the more real the sounds will become. It’s a win-win!

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